Ben Holt

Guitarist Ben Holt, B.A.

Guitarist Ben Holt feels that two of his talents – guitar playing and teaching –  come together beautifully in what he does.  His students feel valued and comfortable even after years of lessons. Ben loves tapping into the intrinsic motivation inherent in the desire to learn guitar!  This is why he generally teaches songs his students want to learn.

Ben has been teaching since 1999 when he was in high school.  He has taught thousands of lessons and hundreds of students since then and has never lost his enthusiasm for teaching.  Ben also loves to teach music theory, recording, and guitar effects – all separate (but related) areas that have fed his own passion for the instrument itself.

Ben has a music education degree from UMass Lowell, and has performed in various local bands for years.  He enjoys playing rock, classical, jazz, and bossa nova styles.  He lives in Boxborough with his wife and daughter, enjoys the simpler pleasures in life, and has many hobbies apart from music.