Lexington Guitar Teacher Bernardo Baglioni

                                                     BERNARDO BAGLIONI

Guitarist Bernardo Baglioni
is a performer, session musician, producer, and singer-songwriter who traverses genres and cultures with his sound. Endorsed by Gibson Guitars in Europe, in 2016, he is a seasoned performer as well as a teacher. Baglioni has performed as a touring and studio musician with Live Nation and major labels like Sony and Warner, as well as domestic and international artists around the world.

Bernardo Baglioni’s vast teaching skills complement his performance abilities and bring a wealth of understanding and experience to the Maestro Musician Academy community.
Berna, has he is also known, has been teaching guitar for 20 years privately, and in music schools. Genres range from Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, and Jazz. He also teaches bass, mandolin and ukulele. Berna also has ample experience leading student music ensembles. He loves to help students pursue music as a career and stimulate their creativity, customizing lesson plans to each student needs and goals.