Carmen Marulanda

Flutist Carmen Marulanda


Flutist Carmen Marulanda is a performer, composer, and professional music teacher with a Master’s degree in Music Therapy and a University degree in Musical Pedagogy. She is also a Certified Orff Schulwerk Level I teacher with ample experience teaching the traverse flute, recorders, and music theory to both young children and teenagers. Marulanda is an experienced educator who specializes in private lessons, group ensemble, and Orff pre-orchestral ensembles.

As the founder of Liliflute Music, a Latin American Music Publisher, Marulanda brings new pedagogical and chamber music works to teachers, students and amateurs.

Carmen has taught music, conducted children’s ensembles and flute in many rural parts of her native Columbia. In 2003 she was appointed flute teacher at the Luis A. Calvo institute, an important academy in her native city. That same year, Marulanda was awarded the coveted Mono Nuñez award for the best Colombian chamber music ensemble for her work as a composer, arranger and director. This was a collaboration with her chamber quintet, Camaradería.

Carmen Marulanda has been invited as a guest artist and workshop lecturer-performer at numerous flute conventions, including the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, the First Flute Convention in Canada with her “Duo Clave” ensemble (Flute+Tiple), the Toronto Latin American Flute Festival, the Berklee Flute Association, and the Longy Conservatory. Marulanda has also lectured and performed in Dr. Cate’s Summer Camp in Montgomery IL, the Flootfire Summer Camp in Lexington MA, and the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.