Online Hindustani Indian Classical Voice With Sudha Kumar

Lexington Voice Teacher Sudha Kumar

Suitable for all students, aged 4-104, Sudha Kumar's Indian Classical Voice course gives kids and adults the tools to release their inner voice with confidence and clarity!

Sudha's Vocal Training Program Curricula:

1. Essentials of Voice (The first 4-6 weeks)

- Postural Development
- Breath and vocal warmups
- Introduction to breathing and pranayama techniques
- One to two songs

2. Indian Vocal Singing Lessons

-Elementary concepts of Indian Music (notation, vocal stability, rhythmic and ear/pitch training)
- Introduction to taals and essential rhythmic cycles
- Basic understanding of 7 Indian notes and musical scale systems
- Introduction to simple songs based on student's choice and taste

3.  Hindustani Classical Vocal Singing (Intermediate)

- Learn about ragas
- Introduction to note-patterns and melodies/voice modulations
- Swarmalika, Lakshan geet, and Khayal concepts
- Recital preparation (optional)

4. Indian Light and Contemporary Music

- Learn Bhajans, Bollywood, and semi-classical songs
- Cultivate your voice for maximum expressiveness
- Learn how to control your breath
- Develop stage presence
- Recital or competition training (optional)

5. Therapeutic voice (Advanced and Tailored Lessons)

- For students who want more!
- Developed for singers, actors, and teens
- Help with stage fright, voice changes, and confidence development
- Incorporates Vocal Yoga to release tension and develop authenticity


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