Jennifer Greer

Jennifer Greer Singing Lessons

Jennifer Greer, B.A.

Jennifer Greer Dignazio taught piano lessons for 10 years, to students ranging from age 6-60. She taught at private schools, after-schools, independent music schools, and in her home. She loved teaching all kinds of styles from classical to jazz, and helping the student create his/her own personal relationship to the piano. She studied music pedagogy at the Boston Conservatory.

She took a hiatus from teaching piano in 2014— and realized she wanted to teach her main passion— voice and songwriting. She has been singing and songwriting since she was 8 years old, and it is the beauty and unique expression of the voice that she want to help cultivate, harness, and explore in others. She is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing for 18 years, and has released 4 self-produced CD’s (see website for details of the albums). 

She is interested in helping new and experienced singers find an authentic, INTEGRATED relationship between their body, mind, heart, and words.

The voice is a unique instrument– player and played-upon are one and the same. Your voice expresses both the emotional and physical parts of you, and can convey who you are and what you are connected to– right through your mouth! She will be using her many years of singing, songwriting, performing, and yoga experience to help her students.

Jennifer is also a multi-award-winning, detail-obsessed, self-taught singer/songwriter pianist who plays funky art-pop.

Greer is a percussionist as she plays the piano against the voice, and a harmonist in hearing what the voice can do against the piano.
She seeks to push the boundaries of pop, by blending jazz, funk and classical "tone poem".

Jennifer’s first album, “Jewel Machine” (2001) won the WRSI singer/songwriter competition. In 2005 she released “the Apiary,” which got rave reviews and won Best Adult Alternative CD 2005 from the Muse’s Muse, and Best unsigned pop artist from Verbicide Magazine in 2008. She was a Finalist in the NewSong Mountain Stage competition 2010 and 2012 after releasing her album” Fistful of Stars”. In 2015 she released her album “Hey Tide” with musical luminaries Jon Evans (bass) of Tori Amos, Dave Mattacks (drums) of the Fairport Convention, and Tom Dube (producer), who tours with Bonnie Rait, Aimee Mann, and Rosanne Cash. Her album was compared to Joni Mitchell by Goldmine Magazine.