The Hungarian-born Guitarist Joseph Halajko has been a guitar teacher and performer for over 35 years. He has given recitals in Boston, New York,  Toronto, Munich,  and in Budapest.  Halajko’s performing career includes solo concerts for several years at the First Night Boston performances and recitals at Universities and Colleges. Mr. Halajko took master classes with some of the world’s best guitarists. Among them were,  Manuel Barueco,  Roberto Aussel, Oscar Ghiglia, and Ricardo Cobo.

Mr. Halajko graduated with a Master’s degree in guitar teaching at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Hungary. He was granted an Artist Diploma in Guitar Performance at the Boston Conservatory. 
In 1981, Halajko was awarded first prize at the International Guitar Festival in Hungary.  

Mr. Halajko is interested in classical music with Hungarian elements and his musical tastes are influenced by the Roma (gypsy) musicians from his native Budapest. 

This influenced him to play flamenco (Gypsy inspired) and traditional Spanish music as well. Among his teaching experiences, in Budapest Halako directed the Guitar department at the State School of Music.  While in Boston,, Joseph Halajko developed his own guitar teaching studio where he organized regular performance parties for his students and their friends and family in order to create opportunity to perform and share their experience and their love of the instrument.