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Did you know that the cello is one of the most practical instruments for kids to start on? It's true! Due to the vertical orientation of the instrument to the body, it is played with a relatively natural posture, compared to the violin or viola. This fact allows younger kids the ability to more easily achieve the benefits of learning a string instrument.

Before we talk about the benefits of taking our Lexington Cello Lessons, first a little history:

The cello, was first known as the violoncello, which means "little violone". A violone was a big viol - a term for a large group of instruments that was popular in the 1600's in Europe. By the early 1900's, the violoncello became known primarily as the 'cello. Eventually the apostrophe would be dropped, since the viols were to be generally a thing of the past.

The cello has four strings - C, G, D, and A, and they are one octave lower than the viola (a stringed instrument held on the collarbone like the violin, but possessing a lower range).

In addition to learning about our dedicated Lexington Cello Teachers, you can find out about ten benefits to taking our Lexington Cello Lessons below!

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Here are Ten Benefits to Taking our Lexington Cello Lessons!

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1. Our Lexington Cello Teachers are Great With Kids!

Maestro Musicians Academy teachers are experienced educators and performers who serve as inspiring role models in the lives of our students. We make it our mission to help children musically express themselves in their own unique way.

2. Our Lexington Cello Lessons are Also Perfect for Adults!

Adult students often come our way because they want to rediscover an old and missing part of their lives. Others wish to start something novel and try a new instrument!

3. Two Recitals (minimum) per Year for Children

Our recitals give students the ability to work toward the goal of seeing a project from start to finish. The project, in this case, is a piece of music, carefully crafted so that the student is able to express himself or herself through the language of the composer. This skill teaches the value of working toward a goal, communication with an audience, and self-expression. Children come out of the experience with increased self-confidence, self-reliance, and a belief that what they say and do is important to a larger community of supportive parents, students, and teachers.

3. Cello is a Great Mind-Body Instrument

Stringed instruments and sports have a lot in common - They both require constantly evolving mind-body coordination. When students learn how to focus their minds to teach their bodies a new skill, they harness their internal energy and channel it into the instrument. This channeling is important because it allows the mind to break down a complicated task, such as learning a piece of music, into small bite-sized pieces. Every single movement, from how one moves while sitting, to the tiniest finger movement matters in creating optimum musical expression.

4. The Best Lexington Cello Teachers

Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School only hires consummate professionals who come from some of the world's best music programs. Our Lexington Cello Teachers have graduate degrees and extensive performing and teaching experience.

5. Wide Range of Available Times

Whether you are a working parent, homeschool-parent, stay-at-home mom, retiree, or anyone we missed, we can help you! Our Lexington Cello Teachers have a wide range of availability so that we can schedule lessons to suit you!

6. Parents Love Our School

Parents love the fact that we take an active interest in their child's musical education. Our dedicated faculty and office staff makes it their mission to ensure that your son or daughter is making the most out of his or her cello lessons. Our registration process is hassle-free and we regularly make sure that everyone is satisfied with our music lessons at various times during the year.

7. Easy to Reach Location

Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Lexington's surrounding towns, such as Bedford, Burlington, Lincoln, Waltham, Woburn, Winchester, Concord, Arlington, and Belmont! We are on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington at the United Methodist Church.

8. Convenient Wi-Fi Access

Looking for something to do while your child has a lesson? The United Methodist Church has granted us free wi-fi access, allowing you to catch up on work, the news, or the sports scores while lesson take place!

9. Open-Door Policy

Parents are ALWAYS welcome to sit in on their child's lessons. Some parents believe that their child does best when they take an active role in the lesson and other parents take a more distant-approach. Whatever your choice, you are always welcome to wait in the lesson room or outside, based on your preference.

10. Technology in the Classroom

Because of our access to the church's wi-fi, we are thrilled to be able to present teachers with the option of recording lessons or portions of lessons. This allows students of all ages the ability to take home important technical demonstrations so that they can review concepts covered.

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