Lexington Clarinet Lessons

Maestro Musicians Academy is proud to offer Lexington clarinet lessons!
Did you know that most people have heard of the clarinet but few actually know how it works or how to identify it! The clarinet is a woodwind instrument (meaning that it is made out of wood) with a single-reed mouthpiece. The reed vibrates when the clarinetist blows air through it and the air comes out of a flat bell shape at the other end. Keys and holes on the instrument are pushed and covered to make different notes and sounds. The clarinet was invented by Johann Christoph Denner in Germany around the year 1700. 

The clarinet is highly portable and is very versatile, being found in classical, jazz, and Klezmer folk music, among other types. 

Our Lexington clarinet lessons are taught by master instructors who are experts at their craft. They will take you or your child through a musical tradition spanning over 200 years!

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Lexington clarinet lessons

Here are 10 Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Clarinet Lessons!

Lexington Clarinet Lessons

1. Take Lexington Clarinet Lessons Taught By Master Instructors

Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school hires top professionals to instruct our students. Our clarinet teachers are active performers with training from superior music programs around the world!

2.  Lexington Clarinet Lessons Near You!

Our Lexington clarinet lessons are located at the United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue. We proudly serve Lexington and its surrounding communities. Students can get to us in a short 15-20 minute drive from suburbs such as Bedford, Burlington, Woburn, Waltham, Winchester, Lincoln, and Concord.

3. The Clarinet is Extremely Versatile

The clarinet's sound and structure lends itself to a myriad of musical genres and styles. If you are looking to play Classical, Klezmer, Jazz, or Folk, we have you covered!

4. The Clarinet is Portable

Unlike the harp or tuba, the clarinet is easy to carry and store. You won't have to worry about shlepping around heavy equipment to and from lessons and renting an instrument is easy. Contact us for recommendations if needed!

5. Patient, Friendly, and Nurturing Instructors With High Standards

At the Maestro Musicians Academy, we believe that students do best when given the right environment to thrive. Our teachers hold students to high standards while offering a nurturing and inspiring approach. Our lessons are fun and our teachers are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge to the next generation.

6. Quiet Waiting Area for Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians are always welcome to sit in on our clarinet lessons. Some, however, elect to wait in the common area of the church, which is a great place to catch up on work or rest.

7. Month-to-Month Hassle-Free Lessons

Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school holds weekly private clarinet lessons that are billed on a month-to-month basis. We won't lock you or your child into a long-term contract.

8. Orchestra Audition Preparation for School, Town, or Youth Orchestra

Our expert Lexington clarinet teachers will help you, your son, or daughter prepare for the next orchestra audition. We are musician-run, meaning that we know all about the audition process and have been through it many times.

9. Twice-Yearly Recitals

Every winter and every spring, the Maestro Musicians Academy offers students the opportunity to perform on the big stage in front of an audience of supportive parents, friends, and instructors. Our recitals build confidence, self-esteem, and are a celebration of months of preparation.

10. Annual Photo Day

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school is the only musical learning center in town to offer an annual photo day to its students. Photo day allows parents to purchase sentimental keepsakes of their children proudly displaying their instruments for posterity's sake!

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