Lexington Drum Lessons

Our top professional Lexington drum instructors will guide you on your unique musical journey, whether it's with a standard drum kit, African drums, xylophone, marimba, or any other percussion instrument! Don't have any of these instruments? No problem! We can advise you on getting a practice pad, electronic drums (with headset so that only you can hear), and other gear.

Since we teach all styles of playing, you are certain to have a wonderful experience learning about rhythms from around the world, how music is put together, and how to practice efficiently and effectively for maximum effect!

Our Lexington drum lessons are also a wonderful introduction to music for young children who do not yet have the coordination to play a stringed instrument. Drum lessons also allow children to channel their huge energy reserves into something creative.

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Here are Six Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Drum Lessons!

Lexington drum lessons

1. Our Lexington Drum Lessons Allow You to Express Yourself YOUR Way

If you're like most drummers, you are fascinated with rhythm. Somehow, something has been telling you that you need to get your energy out in creative ways. Our Lexington Drum Lessons allow you to do JUST that. Our drum teachers are multi-talented professionals who teach multiple genres. Whether your goal is to learn jazz, pop, world music, or classical percussion, we are the place to go!

2. Lexington Drum Lessons Near Me!

Whether you are in Lexington, Bedford, Burlington, Waltham, Belmont, Lincoln, or Woburn, we will come to you!

Our instructors will help you to find the right equipment and also help you figure out which instruments are right for you! Drum lessons in the comfort of your own home are a special perk just for aspiring drummers and percussionists!

3. Maestro Musicians Allows Parents, Students, and Teachers to Discuss and Craft Mutual Goals

Having been inspired by music videos, some students are looking to become pop stars. Others have parents who are simply looking for a fun, yet educational outlet for their children. There are also kids and adults of all ages who can benefit from the therapeutic effects that drum lessons may have. When mutual goals are agreed upon with the teacher, the instructor can "hold your hand" through the process of reaching your or your child's goals. Many prospective students and parents of students think of the standard drum kit (ie: rhythm section) when looking for lessons and don't realize just how many other instruments percussionists teach! Whether it's a drum set, cymbals, the snare drum, marimba, xylophone, timpani, kettle drum, or bass drum, we have a teacher for you who can help you or your child achieve your goals.

4. Our Lexington Drum Lessons are All About the Mind/Body Connection 

Are you is your child one of those people who just can't sit still? Do you or does your child exert energy through constant movement? Our Lexington drum lessons are the PERFECT tool to channel nervous energy through a development of the mind-body connection. In a time where our minds are being constantly being bombarded with distractions, many of us have lost the ability to focus on one task, at hand. Drum lessons uniquely foster this skill and promote self-control and discipline, since the discipline of drumming requires steady hands with controlled movement.

5. Our Lexington Drum Lessons Help Students With Math!

While it is no secret that drumming is all about rhythm, what many parents and students don't realize is that learning rhythm is a highly mathematical exercise. The concept of subdivision, which means dividing up a beat (which is a generic measurement of sound in time), is a highly attuned skill that professional drummers possess and teach. In order to learn how to subdivide, a student must learn about fractions, as the skill involves dividing up sound over time into equal parts. For students who have trouble visualizing the concept of fractions, hearing it in sound could be a great solution to the problem.

6. Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Drum Lessons Allow Students to Build a Project from Start to Finish

How many of us, including our children, are overwhelmed with assignments and deadlines to the point of exhaustion or at least, chaos?
The world is a busy place and life just plain "piles up". The amazing aspect about drum lessons is that learning rhythm and eventually, entire pieces, gives the student the unique ability to compartmentalize creativity. What this means is that much like a puzzle, the student learns to put together a rhythm, a phrase, and later, an entire piece, bit by bit to create a cohesive "whole". This is so important in today's world. The skills can be then transferred to organizing one's day week, or month, working for maximum efficiency at work or school, and knowing how to balance being "in the moment" with forward planning and thinking.

We at Maestro Musicians hope that you liked our little guide on the benefits of Lexington Drum Lessons through the Maestro Musicians Academy. Lessons take place once per week for 30 or 60 minutes. Our drum teachers are ready to meet you and join you or your child on an exciting journey of musical discovery but don't wait - Spots are Limited!


Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! The first month is a trial period so you have very little to lose. 

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