Lexington Flute Lessons

The Maestro Musicians Academy is proud to offer Lexington flute lessons.
Our flute lessons are suitable for both adults and children and are a wonderful introduction to music - especially if you don't have room for a large instrument, such as a piano!

Advanced students will also be excited to learn from master Lexington flute teachers who play regularly with local orchestras and ensembles in New England.

Did you know that the flute is the oldest instrument developed by our ancestors? Whether you are interested in Classical, Celtic, Jazz, or Folk style, you will be joining a tradition that started tens of thousands of years ago, as archeologists have found flutes over 35,000 years old in what is now present-day Germany.

Let our Lexington flute lessons take you or your child on a multi-faceted musical journey!

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Girl Playing Flute

Here are Ten Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Flute Lessons!

Lexington Flute Lessons

1. Lexington Flute Lessons Taught by Expert Instructors

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school only hires the most highly trained instructors to help our students achieve their goals. Our professional Lexington flute teachers perform with some of the best orchestras and chamber ensembles in the region. Whether it's to prepare for a school, community, or youth orchestra audition or to learn the recorder for the first time, we are there for you!

2. Nurturing and Inspiring Lexington Flute Teachers

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school makes it a point to foster a positive, affirming, and nurturing culture among its teachers, students, and administrative staff. We believe that a can-do attitude and inspiring mentorship can bring forth the best results from students of all ages.

3. Lessons for All Ages

Our expert Lexington flute teachers are comfortable and experienced with both the young and older, alike. We are all "kids at heart" and bring our enthusiasm to the instruments that we teach, no matter what your age or stage.

4. Convenient Lexington Music School Location Near You

The Maestro Musicians Academy is located at the United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue. Our location is so easy to reach - even during rush hour! Because we are in Lexington, we are also accessible to the surrounding towns of Bedford, Burlington, Woburn, Concord, Waltham, Winchester, Lincoln, and Belmont!

5. Wi-Fi Access Included!

The United Methodist Church has a guest wi-fi network that parents, teachers, and students are welcome to use. This is a great tool for our flute teachers to incorporate online musical resources into the lessons. We are now 21st Century compliant!

6. The Flute is Very Portable

Because the flute is such a portable instrument, you don't have to worry about finding space in your home for it. You also don't have to shell out huge amounts of money for the flute. Contact us for more recommendations as to where you can rent a quality instrument!

7. The Flute is a Social Instrument

Because the flute is primarily an orchestral instrument, it is a great way for kids and adults to collaborate with others. Music-making is all about having fun and sharing beautiful sounds with others. The flute is a great tool for doing this!

8. Twice-Yearly Recitals On the Big Stage!

Maestro Musicians Academy gives children the opportunity to perform in front of a supportive and nurturing audience of parents, friends, and teachers in the winter and spring. Many students love to show off their hard work to an adoring crowd. Although we never force anyone to play if they do not wish to, we make it our mission to find a way for any child who wishes to participate to have a successful experience.

9. Parents Absolutely Love Our School!

We have been giving lessons since 2010. See what parents say about the Maestro Musicians of Lexington!

10. Annual Optional Photo Day

Maestro Musicians is the only Lexington music school to offer students a yearly picture day. We team up with a great local photographer who takes photos of our students in mini-private sessions and then if you wish, you can purchase sentimental keepsakes for your family and friends of your son or daughter with his or her instrument! 

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