Lizzette Mercado

Lexington Vocal Teacher Lizzette Mercado

Lizzette Mercado

Lizzette Mercado’s journey in the realm of music began at an early age, and her profound connection with singing has been a constant thread throughout her life. From her formative years in elementary to high school, Lizzette actively immersed herself in a plethora of musical and theatrical pursuits, taking advantage of the vibrant arts programs in her public schools.

With a resolute determination to pursue her passion, Lizzette made a pivotal decision during high school to attend a performing arts institution. She successfully auditioned for the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York, NY, securing a substantial scholarship that enabled her to study there for two years. At AMDA, Lizzette not only refined her singing abilities but also delved into the intricacies of proper body form, vocal mechanics, vowel placement, and breathing techniques.

Post-AMDA, Lizzette’s career took a diverse trajectory, marked by a multitude of music-related opportunities and gigs. Notably, she assumed the role of the National Anthem Coordinator for Spartan Race, showcasing her versatility and musical prowess. Her journey with Spartan Race began as an athlete singing at races, eventually leading to her becoming the organization’s first female Emcee and, ultimately, the National Anthem Coordinator.

Beyond her performance endeavors, Lizzette finds profound joy in sharing her musical expertise with aspiring artists. As a vocal instructor at Maestro Musicians, she is dedicated to nurturing the skills and confidence of her students. Lizzette’s teaching approach is rooted in her own growth as a vocalist, where she gained the resilience necessary to overcome life’s myriad challenges.

Lizzette Mercado brings not only a wealth of musical experience but also a genuine passion for the art of singing to Maestro Musicians. Her commitment to fostering growth and confidence in her students makes her an invaluable addition to the musical community.