Lucia Panizza

Lexington Voice Teacher Lucia Panizza

Lucia Panizza, B.M.

Lucia Panizza is a committed singer, guitar player, and piano teacher who
graduated from University of Florida with the highest honors, as well as from
Universidad de la República. Lucia has been teaching since 2009. While in
Miami she performed at the Latin Grammy, was invited several times to
different shows in Telemundo and Univision, while working at Conchita
Espinosa Conservatory for the Arts as a teacher. In the US, Lucia has also
engaged with Opera companies including, The Opera Atelier, Miami Lyric
Opera, Miami Classical Music Festival, Florida Opera Prima, and La Zarzuela
Inc., performing in their programs, concerts, and full productions. In Uruguay,
she attended Escuela Nacional de Arte Lirico, SODRE, and the Escuela de
Música Vicente Ascone. The soprano was awarded two full scholarships by
the Uruguayan Association of Musicians (SUDEI) and was later chosen to
take part at a summer program at the Instituto Superior del Teatro Colon
(Buenos Aires, Argentina). Furthermore, she participated actively in
international summer opera programs including the European Music Institute
in Vienna, and the Russian Opera Workshop. She also attended numerous
Master Classes with such notables as Francisco Araiza, Ghenady Meirson,
Juliana Gondek, Frederica von Stade, Deborah Voigt,  Jake Heggie, and
Manny Perez, among others. She is currently completing a Master of Music
Degree in Vocal Studies at Longy School of Music in Boston, MA.

Artist Statement

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players (…)”
William Shakespeare

As a performing artist I am aware that my role does not end at the concert
hall, church, or opera house. Every day is an opportunity on the world’s stage
for sharing and connecting with others. I seek to bring hope, inspiration,
healing, light and joy through music in my daily actions, whether I am
performing, teaching, or having the simplest of interactions. By means of the

stories told in the music I perform and teach; memories are created, emotion
is experienced, and the magic of catharsis manifests itself. Thus, I not only
achieve personal emotional and inner growth, but I am blessed with the joy
of empowering other individuals and communities.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in empowering students through reinforced encouragement.
Sometimes students believe that they need a special talent or gift to learn
music, and perhaps someone told them before that they did not have in them
what it took to be a musician. The first point I make in my lessons is that
anyone can learn how to sing or play any instrument, that it is possible with
time and dedication to become whatever they want to be. I make sure my
students always feel that they can and will succeed at a particular task or at
short- and long-term goals, and that obstacles are there to be overcome. I
make my students eager to learn by learning first about them and what
excites them most about music, and from there I develop a plan by choosing
things that they will find engaging and interesting and that at the same time I
can use to work on technical skills. It is my belief that through positive
reinforcement, and by portraying good personal values and attitudes such as
enthusiasm, a teacher can positively influence a student's life. And this can
only be achieved by creating an engaging, warmth, positive environment
where students are not merely recipients of knowledge but also contribute
actively to their own learning process with their input and constant feedback
that should be gathered by the educator regularly. I make sure to ask my
students if they have questions during and at the end of my lessons, and for
regular feedback to check on their engagement and attention levels, and
reassess the strategy if needed to ensure the student’s positive learning