Our Lexington Music Lessons

Maestro Musicians Academy offers Lexington Music Lessons for All Ages and Stages

Violinist Practicing

Maestro Musicians Artist Program

Musicians of today need to learn how to be their own boss. They are, in effect, a small business or sole proprietor.

As a result, the Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school is excited to offer our very own tailored "Artist Program". These are not just your typical Lexington Music Lessons. Our artist program develops the consummate musician from a holistic standpoint and coaches students how to develop their own style, find their unique niche, and market themselves, both online and offline. 

This is a program that is offered by audition only and requires rigorous training and high technical proficiency in one's instrument. 

Lexington Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

Maestro Musicians Academy offers Lexington music lessons for beginner through advanced students in a positive, affirming, and nurturing environment. Our private music lessons are appropriate for both children, ages 4 and up, and adults. We guide our students in learning repertoire, rhythm, performance practice, and history of music.

You can rest assured that our teachers are there for our students from the very first note of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all the way up through a Mozart Concerto and beyond. Whether you are looking to learn classical, jazz, folk, or contemporary music, we are your choice in Lexington, MA!

Group Voice Lessons

Maestro Group Voice Lessons

Based on availability and enrollment, the Maestro Group Voice program is a special ensemble for adults who are looking for a fun, social, and creative activity. The type of music performed and sung is based on each individual group's preferences and abilities. Open to all ages 18+, our group voice lessons are perfect for working professionals, college/university students, and retirees. There is no better way to make friends and be surrounded by the shared warmth of musical voices. Find out about these Lexington Music Lessons below! 

group strings program

Maestro Strings Program

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school offers a supplemental group class program for students who wish to take their playing to the next level. Our ensemble classes are based on demand and enrollment and are grouped by technical level and age.

Maestro Musicians Academy offers Lexington Music Lessons of all types, such as chamber music classes, scale classes, and duet classes for all instruments through the Maestro Strings Program.