Free Your Natural Voice

Group Voice Lessons

Are you an adult who needs a creative outlet after a long day of work? Or perhaps you are looking for a fun and social activity to do during your lunch break! Maestro group voice lessons are the perfect solution to those long, lonely, and stressful days at the office. Join us and make beautiful music with friends in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. All ages and stages welcome and based on enrollment and availability, we will tailor each group to your desired musical style and level of prior experience (if any).

Our caring and nurturing instructors are classically trained and are experts at the top of their fields, with degrees from some of the finest universities and conservatories in the world. Whether it's classical, pop, country, religious, or folk, if you are a beginner or intermediate singer, our vocal coaches will give you the skills you need to set you off on the right path.