Steve Latanision

Steve Latanision, B.A.

As a multi-instrumentalist/mentalist, Steve Latanision has been playing Bluegrass, Irish, Americana, Folk, Jazz, and Country music in the Boston/New England area for the last 25 years, and has been on over 200 releases. Latanision has played and made recordings on the fiddle/violin, pedal and lap steel, 4 and 5 string banjo, dobro, mandolin, six, and twelve string guitars.

Most notable artists he has worked with include​ ​John Cate​ and the Van Gogh Brothers (8 cds), multi-award winning composer Jim Bauer (1 cd w/ Dagmar, The Blue Flower), ​The Dave Sammarco Band​ (4 cds, 3 eps),​ ​Lonesome Jukebox​ (4 cds), NEMA artist of the year Annie Brobst (two cds), Grammy award winning producer​ ​Anthony J Resta​ (5 cds), Grammy award winning engineer​ ​Ducky Carlisle​ ​(4 cds), and Grammy nominated artists ​Ashley Jordan​ (1 single). Steve Latanision has also appeared on TV with various artists.

He has also won awards with the​ ​MCMAA​,​ ​NHCMA​,NEMA and​ ​NECMO

About Steve’s Teaching:

I like to bring out the many different aspects of music, so that the student receives a wide range of instruction, from how to practice, how to look at music, the studies involved, and the relatedness between genres and instruments. A good example would be bluegrass, which is a mix of Irish, blues and jazz. Theory and reading are highly encouraged, and is taught in a useful, practical manner.


B.A. Berklee School of Music majored in M.P. and E.
(Music Production and