Early Childhood/Toddler Music Classes

Early Childhood/Toddler Music Classes at the Maestro Musicians Academy

Are you looking for ways to introduce your children to great music? Come sign up for a month of one of the classes below!

Little Maestros (Ages 1-2)

In this class, children and parents learn together through exposure to a wide range different types of music from around the world. There is plenty of singing, clapping, and dancing in this Toddler Music Class!

Young Mozarts (Ages 2-3)

In this class, children and their parents learn to play with real instruments! Little drums, xylophones, bells, and maracas are provided during the class. Children learn about playing responsively, keeping a beat, and moving with the music.

Musical Explorers (Ages 3-4)

In Musical Explorers, children play musical games together, listen to and participate in musical stories, and learn about basic musical notation.

Musical Mavens (Ages 4-5)

In Musical Mavens, there is a focus on listening to and learning about different composers and their styles. Children also learn educational songs that they can sing together and perform for their friends.