Lexington piano teacher Xue Liu
Pianist Xue Liu, M.M.

Pianist Xue (Shirley) Liu is an educator and concert pianist who has been in music for seventeen years. has devoted herself to her musical career for seventeen years. She strives to help young and older performers portray the best version of themselves through music.

In 2014, Liu won the silver medal in the 15th Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition. She also was a finalist in the final in the Baldwin Piano Competition in 2016.

Xue has a particular interest and affinity for the works of  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as was evidenced by her all-Mozart graduation recital at the Wuhan Conservatory in China. She has also performed two solo piano recitals at Boston Conservatory where she earned her Masters Degree under the tutelage of pianist Janice Weber and Alex Poliykov.  

Xue Liu earned a B.M. in Piano Performance at the Wuhan Conservatory and an M.M. in Piano Performance at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Xue Liu has been accepted into the graduate certificate program in Music Education and Autism at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she is currently pursuing further studies in music education.