Ensemble Classes

Ensemble Classes at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington, MA

Every ensemble class presents a unique opportunity for students to learn the important skills of team-building, learn to work toward a shared goal, and develop proactive listening. These skills are summed up best by the ability to communicate effectively through learning to understand others and to be understood. 


Our Chamber Music classes are for students who are currently enrolled in our private classes.
This is a supplemental program for beginner through advanced students who wish to harness the skills that they learn to become better listeners and communicators. We make sure to assign music that is easily playable so that students can focus on developing listening and communication skills and develop meaningful friendships in the process.


Girls Playing Piano

Benefits of Taking Our Ensemble Classes

Fun, friendly, and educational social activity for kids of all ages

Develop social/emotional skills that you can't learn in school 

Build long-lasting friendships and community

Easy music so that kids can focus on playing together

Perform at our winter or spring recitals!


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