What are the Benefits to Studying Music?

The discipline of learning the musical language is a highly holistic experience that connects the intellect, emotions, the physical body, and the soul. Science is only just beginning to catch up to the fact that music lessons allow us to use the entire brain to work toward the goal of learning and performing this beautiful language. Some of the most recent studies show that learning a musical instrument helps develop executive function in children, which is correlated with strong academic performance. Another study recently showed that senior adults who had taken music lessons as children were less likely to suffer mental decline than their contemporaries. 

Why Study at MMA Rather Than The Competition?

Many, if not most parents and adults are looking for two things in particular when they begin their musical journey - Performance Opportunities and an Extended Musical Community. At the Maestro Musicians Academy, you get both. In addition to these benefits, when possible, the Maestro Musicians Academy also allows siblings the possibility of taking lessons simultaneously with two different teachers, saving busy parents hours at home or at work.

What Ages Do You Teach?

Our lessons are for children, pre-teens, and teens and can start as young as 4 years old.  

How Often Are Lessons Held?

Lessons at Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school take place once per week. Although lesson registration is on a monthly basis, we follow a 48 week calendar, making us a year-round school!

What is Your Teaching Philosophy?

Maestro Musicians teachers are selected for their expertise, supportive and inspiring personalities, and love of what they do. Our teachers tailor their lessons to every unique learning style and believe that every child and adult can benefit tremendously from music lessons.

I'm Tone-Deaf! Can I Still Play?

Absolutely!! There are many ways to make music. Adults and children benefit from learning rhythm, movement through music, sight-singing, ear-training, music theory, and of course, playing. We make it our mission to unlock the keys to YOUR unique learning style.

What Styles do You Teach?

While most (but not all) of Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music teachers are classically trained, they have all the tools necessary to get you playing any style that you choose. The technical fundamentals are the same for beginners in all styles. Whether you are looking for lessons in classical, pop, country, or jazz, we can work with you to find the right teacher for your needs and goals. 

Do You Offer a Trial Lesson?

Not only do we offer a trial lesson, we offer a trial period! The period left in the first month that you are signed up for is a trial period, lasting anywhere between 1-4 weeks. This means that if you are unhappy with our lessons at any time during that period, we will refund you the remainder of the tuition paid up until the 1st of the next month.

Are Your Teachers Background Checked?

Yes. We run CORI checks on all teachers at the Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school.

Do I Need to Purchase or Rent an Instrument?

Parents, children, and adult students often come to us not knowing if they are ready to commit for the long-term. Because of this, they might not be ready to purchase an instrument.
We completely understand and it is in the interests of parents, students, and our school that we only teach students long-term who are ready for lessons.
That being said, there are always options for those wishing to try us out for a month.
Our first port of call for string players is Johnson String in Newton. They have a rental program with quality instruments and staff that specializes in fitting the instrument to you or your child. This is crucial for comfort in the early stages of playing and can make or break a child's first experiences.

Want to Learn More?  

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