Lexington Piano Lessons

The Maestro Musicians Academy is thrilled to offer Lexington piano lessons. Our expert Lexington piano teachers are top performers in their fields with years of teaching experience. Balancing high standards with a patient and nurturing approach, children and adults love the warm and engaging personalities of our teachers.

Beginners and advanced students will feel comfortable knowing that our Lexington piano lessons are uniquely tailored to your goals. Whether you or your child wants to learn Mary Had a Little Lamb or a Chopin Nocturne, we can help!

How do we do it? Step-by-step, our Lexington piano instructors will take you or your child through a musical journey that is organized into attainable weekly goals that allows progress on a scale never thought possible.

Maestro Musicians Lexington piano lessons are amongst the most popular offerings in our school and as a result, we have a number of teachers and slots available for this instrument.

No piano at home? No problem! We will be happy to advise you on how to find a suitable instrument or keyboard.


Lexington Music Lessons

Here are 10 Benefits to Taking Lexington Piano Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy:

Lexington Piano Lessons
1. We Specialize in Developing the Expressive Potential of Every Student

Every child and every adult as a unique voice inside them. We believe that this "inner voice" expresses itself best without words. Our Lexington Piano Lessons give students the tools to make beautiful sounds that give them a creative outlet to enrich the soul and touch the lives of everyone present. Every student has something important to express - we make this possible!

2. Our Students Get to Perform in Concerts Twice Per Year

Parents love seeing their children reap the rewards of persistence and hard work. Piano lessons are the ultimate tool to teach a student to set a goal and take Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. With the guidance of our Lexington Piano Teachers, students successfully work toward these criteria and are able to demonstrate their accomplishments in our winter and spring concerts. This builds confidence in one's abilities, self-reliance, and self-esteem. What our students eventually grow to realize is that the greater purpose of performing is not so much for their own benefit (as important as this is) but to share a gift that yearns to be heard and understood.

Based on availability, we also hold recitals for adults!

3. Lexington Piano Lessons Taught by Consummate Professionals

All of Maestro Musicians Academy's piano teachers are top experts in their field. We hire teachers who have degrees from the best universities and conservatories in the world and many are active performers, in addition to being skilled educators. Whether you or your child is learning a Mozart Piano Sonata or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, we are here to provide you with a high level of education that develops the musician within.

4. Piano Lessons Develop the Mind-Body Connection

The importance of the mind-body connection has been demonstrated in ancient wisdom of the Far East. Yet, mind-body awareness is a recent topic that has only recently gained traction in the Western education of our time. Awareness is not just for yogis and meditators! In fact, we believe that music lessons can be a form of meditation, as the act of focusing the mind to teach the muscles to create an expressive result is therapeutic on so many levels. Making and practicing music can calm the mind, focus our energy, and release tension. Why would you NOT want to have this in your life!

5. Lexington Piano Lessons Near You!

Our Lexington Piano Lessons are conveniently located within a 15-20 minute drive from much of Lexington, Bedford, Burlington, Belmont, Woburn, Lincoln, Waltham, and Winchester. This is perfect for busy parents and working professionals who need to find a location near their homes. We all know that the city of Boston is not a fun place to drive. We are near you!

6. The Piano is the PERFECT Instrument for Kids to Start On

When you strike a piano key, you will get a pure sound. This is NOT the case with stringed instruments, like the violin. Don't get us wrong - we truly love the violin and our director is a violinist. Yet, if your child is looking for instant results (most are), they will not be frustrated with trying to make a nice sound before they can even play a little song. This is important, as the very first musical experience that a child has can shape his or her future relationship with an instrument.

7. You Don't Need a Full Size Piano!

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to replicate the sound of a grand piano on a touch-sensitive keyboard. The pros will adamantly state that nothing can beat the sound of a grand piano - and I agree - but in terms of affordability and quality, a beginner will do just fine with a keyboard at home, as long as there are at least 76 keys and it is touch sensitive. Will you need to upgrade eventually to an acoustical piano? Quite possibly - particularly if you or your child has professional goals to be a classical pianist, but to get your foot in the door, the keyboard will take you where you want to go!

8. Play Your Favorite Music!

There are so many arrangements of favorite tunes out there. Just because something sounds complicated on the radio or online doesn't mean that it can't be made simple for piano. Whether you are looking for classical training, or you wish to play the Beatles one day, we can help you achieve your goals! All genres have one thing in common: They require a strong foundational technique. We excel at giving you the tools necessary to be able to play the music you want. 

9. Month-to-Month Sign up

Although most of our students stay with us for years, we offer a convenient monthly plan. We are a year-round school that operates on a 48 week calendar. Parents love the fact that their kids have something to do during the summer and during certain days off from school.

10. A Proven Track Record of Quality and Reliability Since Our Inception

Parents who shop around for Lexington Piano Lessons ultimately choose Maestro Musicians because families love our teachers. Our nurturing approach to music-making is fun, disciplined, and hassle-free. Want to find out more? Just read the testimonials that parents have left us all over the web!

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