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Lexington Piano lessons

 Balancing high standards with a patient and nurturing approach, parents, children, teens, and pre-teens love the warm and engaging personalities of the BEST piano teachers.


Here is a sampling of what beginning students will learn in their first year:

- Where to Put the Fingers on the Keys
- How to Play With Both Hands
- Music Theory, Ear Training, and How to Read Music
- How to Follow and Play Simple Melodies
- Sight Reading Short Songs

Students who take our Lexington Piano Lessons will learn their first piece within weeks.
Within 9 months, they will be ready to participate in one of our recitals in front of a supportive audience!

Here are the Top Benefits to Taking Lexington Piano Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy:

Keys Music Challenge Piano Competition Winner

1. Lexington Piano Lessons Near Me or Online!

Our Lexington Piano Lessons are conveniently located within a 15-20 minute drive from much of Lexington, Bedford, Burlington, Belmont, Woburn, Lincoln, Waltham, and Winchester. This is perfect for busy parents and working professionals who need to find a location near their homes. We all know that the city of Boston is not a fun place to drive. We are near you!

2. The Piano is the PERFECT Instrument for Kids to Start On

When you strike a piano key, you will get a pure sound. This is NOT the case with stringed instruments, like the violin. Don't get us wrong - we truly love the violin and our director is a violinist. Yet, if your child is looking for instant results (most are), they will not be frustrated with trying to make a nice sound before they can even play a little song. This is important, as the very first musical experience that a child has can shape his or her future relationship with an instrument.

3. You Don't Need a Full Size Piano!

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to replicate the sound of a grand piano on a touch-sensitive keyboard. The pros will adamantly state that nothing can beat the sound of a grand piano - and I agree - but in terms of affordability and quality, a beginner will do just fine with a keyboard at home, as long as there are at least 76 keys and it is touch sensitive. Will you need to upgrade eventually to an acoustical piano? Quite possibly - particularly if you or your child has professional goals to be a classical pianist, but to get your foot in the door, the keyboard will take you where you want to go!

4. Easy Scheduling

We offer our Piano Lessons seven days per week! Furthermore, although most of our students stay with us for years, we offer a convenient monthly plan and you are never locked into a full semester. We are a year-round school that operates on a 48 week calendar. Parents love the fact that their kids have something to do during the summer and during certain days off from school.

5. A Proven Track Record of Quality and Reliability Since Our Inception

Parents who shop around for Lexington Piano Lessons ultimately choose Maestro Musicians because families love our teachers. Our nurturing approach to music-making is fun, disciplined, and hassle-free. Want to find out more? Just read the testimonials that parents have left us all over the web!


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