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Sometimes, families who are new to our program do not know where to start. We can help you choose the right instrument if you need help!

Lexington Piano Lessons


My oldest daughter has really enjoyed learning piano, and had been progressing beautifully. - Amanda B.


Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School offers Instrumental Music Lessons and Voice Lessons. Our instruments offered include piano, guitar, violin, drums, clarinet, trumpet, and more! Our music instructors teach private lessons in a supportive and nurturing environment that results in a world-class musical education. Learn more about the instruments that we teach!

Instrumental Music Lessons and Voice Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington

The Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington, MA hires world-class instructors and performers who mentor children and adults with an inspiring and dedicated approach. Our music teachers place an emphasis on guiding children and beginning adults through the fundamentals of proper posture and technique so that they can play the pieces and songs that they want to perform. 

Every child and every adult is unique and we make it a priority to "speak the learning-language" of each student. In addition to offering Instrumental Music Lessons in a private lesson setting, the Maestro Musicians Academy specializes in music theory and ear training, scales, technique, and orchestra audition preparation from some of the top music instructors in the greater Boston area!

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Maestro Musicians Academy, Lexington, MA
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