Lexington Saxophone Lessons

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School offers Lexington Saxophone Lessons taught by the best music educators in town. Our dedicated saxophone instructors are experienced teaching adults and children and have great personalities.

Did you know that the saxophone is so versatile that it is used in jazz, classical, military, and even rock music? Created in 1840 in Belgium, the saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax. He would later patent different sizes of his instruments in 1846. Sax's goal was to create an instrument that could bridge the ranges between the woodwinds and brass. This resulting hybrid is made of brass but has a single-reed mouthpiece, just like a clarinet. As a result, it is not uncommon to have clarinet and saxophone teachers specialize in both musical instruments.


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Girl playing saxophone

Here are Ten Benefits to Taking our Lexington Saxophone Lessons!

Boy playing Saxophone

1. Children Love Our Instructors

Children love our Lexington Saxophone Instructors because our teachers have a great rapport with students. We take a friendly, inspiring approach that is nurtured through a love of music.

2. Inspiring Approach for All Ages

Our Lexington Music Lessons are not like your grandfather's musical experiences! We believe in a positive, uplifting approach that motivates students of all ages, no matter what their goals. You or your child will come out of our lessons with an "I can" attitude as our saxophone teachers match their approach to every student's unique abilities.

3. Easy to Reach Lexington Location

Centrally located at the United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, the Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School is easily accessible from greater Lexington, Bedford, Winchester, Belmont, Lincoln, Concord, Arlington, Burlington, Waltham, and Woburn! We are a roughly 7 minute drive from the Lexington town center and under 20 minutes from most parts of the above towns during rush hour!

4. Lessons in the Comfort of Your Home

In addition to offering lessons at the United Methodist Church, we also teach from your home! This is a big bonus for mothers juggling multiple activity schedules, working parents, stay-at-home parents, homeschoolers, and retirees!

5. Spacious Rooms at our Lexington Location

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School has access to three rooms at the United Methodist Church. These rooms are comfortable, inviting, and sound proof.

6. Free Wi-Fi on Site!

The United Methodist Church has graciously allowed us to use their wi-fi on premise. You can find the network password inside the church.

7. Easy Monthly Payments

Unlike many other Lexington music schools in the area, we won't charge you upfront for an entire semester. With our hassle-free month-to-month payment plans, you can learn the sax with us without breaking the bank!

8. Play Your Favorite Music

Do you have a special song that you have always wanted to play? Is there a particular type of music that you love? Our Lexington Sax Teachers will help you achieve your goals!

9. You Get Top Notch Saxophone Instruction From the Pros

Our dedicated Lexington Saxophone Teachers have music degrees from the finest conservatories and universities in the world. They will teach you all the technique and music theory that you need to play your favorite songs in no time! Practice regularly and the sky is the limit!

10. Twice-Yearly Recitals for Children and Teens

In the winter and the spring the Maestro Musicians Academy holds recitals on the big stage! Your children get to show off all their hard work to a supportive audience of family, teachers, and friends. Children develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and develop a logical and organized approach to finishing a large project (such as learning a piece of music).


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