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Lexington Music Lessons

We are thrilled that we were so lucky to find such a passionate music school to further our children's life long love for music. The children are treated with respect, they are challenged, and they can hear the rewards of their practice sessions.

 Amy P.

The Ultimate Brain-Building Activity

Music lessons are all about the mind-body connection. In just a few short weeks, students learn their first easy pieces. Our teachers guide them on their journey with carefully assigned tasks that synchronize mental intention with fine motor control.

Music lessons are also about developing unique goal setting abilities. As students advance, we carefully nurture your child through music with higher levels of complexity, one step at a time. There is never a limit to how far one can go, which is why taking music lessons will always beautifully challenge the brain for life-long growth.

Music Lessons develop expressive potential. As a student gains more and more competency in his or her respective instrument, new avenues of expression are possible, allowing your child to develop genuine communication through music.

Check Out Our Offerings Below!

Private Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Lexington
  •  One-to-One Instruction (30, 45, or 60 minutes)
  • Learn to an Advanced Level
  • Many available days and times for most instruments
  • Ideal for students who want more intensive instruction or want to enter competitions

Piano Express (Ages 5.75-8)

Lexington Group Piano Lessons
  • Perfect Entrypoint for New Pianists
  • 60 minute Group Class
  • Develop solid foundation in technique, theory, and note reading
  • Learn HOW to practice for maximum success

Note that All Performers can Participate in at Least Two Optional Recitals per Year

Contact & Location

Maestro Musicians Academy
United Methodist Church
2600 Mass. Ave.
Lexington, MA 02421

P.O. Box 223 (mailing address)
Lexington, MA 02420

(339) 329-9894

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