Viola Lessons in Lexington

Because the viola is an instrument that is "off the beaten path", many of our viola students heard about this wonderful instrument from their school orchestra director. Whether your child, pre-teen, or teen, is looking to join the school orchestra, youth orchestra, or just likes the viola's sound we can help!

Kids who learn the viola will always be in demand in their school ensembles. There are never enough violists out there! With good training, this is a great way to land a leadership role without having to compete against so many violinists in the school orchestra.

Is the viola right for you or your child? Generally, we find that this is a good instrument for people with larger frames, as it requires bigger hands and fingers to get around all positions with ease.

Lexington viola lessons

Here are Some Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Viola Lessons!

Lexington Viola Lessons

1. You are Joining a Unique Community of Musicians

The viola is not an ordinary instrument. Unlike its cousins, the violin, and cello, the viola occupies a unique place in the musical world. Violists tend to play in a register that is slightly lower than the violin but higher than the cello. This lends the instrument and its players to having a support-role in traditional classical music. If you or your child is a team player, this instrument is the right choice!

2. The Viola is Perfect for Kids and Adults With Larger Hands and a Larger Frame.

The viola requires longer fingers and longer arms to support its slightly larger size. Some individuals find that the violin is too small for them - especially in the higher registers. Let the viola come to the rescue!

3. The Viola is a Great Mind/Body Instrument

Like lessons in all stringed instruments, our Lexington viola lessons teach children and adults how to synchronize the mind and body. This is important because in doing so, our students benefit from better coordination, focus, clarity of intent, and development of the brain's executive functioning skills.

4. Lexington Viola Lessons Near Me

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school is less than 20 minutes from many parts of the surrounding towns of Bedford, Burlington, Belmont, Waltham, Woburn, Winchester, Concord, Lincoln, and Arlington!

5. Recitals Two Times Per Year

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington music school gives children the opportunity to perform in recitals two times per year - once in the winter and again in the spring. We believe in a supportive and nurturing approach to performing. Our students love to perform because they are proud of the hard work that they have put forth in preparing for the big day. Although we believe that the best things in life should be shared, we will never push any student to play if they are not comfortable or ready.

6. Lessons are Fun and Inspiring

Our Lexington viola instructors believe in a patient, nurturing, and supportive approach. They are your child's best fan and guide him or her through a step-by-step approach to learning the intricacies of a complex instrument.

7. The Viola is a Social Instrument

Because of its traditional role as a supporter in the harmonic language of classical music, violists perform in orchestras, string quartets, and collaborate with pianists. Making music together with other people is what makes the entire experience worthwhile for so many people. 

Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! We offer a trial period so you have very little to lose. 

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