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Did you know that guitar is back in fashion again? It's true! And kids as young as 5 are learning their favorite songs at our school!  Whether your son or daughter is looking to play Disney, rock, or pop, we have you covered! 

Our Lexington Guitar Lessons are tailored to every student's unique learning style. What this means is that our guitar instructors take the time to listen to your goals, form a weekly plan as to how to best achieve them, and break all steps into bite-sized pieces. Not sure where to start? No problem! Our Guitar Teachers create a beginner plan based on their years of teaching experience to get you started on the right foot. 

If learning guitar isn't enough for you, ask us about songwriting lessons as well!

Here are Some Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Guitar Lessons!

Private Music Lessons in Lexington

1. Kids Can Learn Music They Recognize!

Teaching kids music they recognize in guitar lessons offers numerous benefits, combining the joy of familiarity with the educational aspects of learning an instrument. Here are some key advantages:

Engagement and Motivation

Immediate Interest: When children learn music they already know and enjoy, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated during lessons. Familiarity with the songs can create excitement and eagerness to participate.

Boosted Confidence

Quick Success: Learning songs they recognize allows kids to experience early success. Mastering familiar tunes builds confidence, encouraging them to continue their musical journey with a positive mindset.

Enhanced Memory and Retention

Memorable Learning: Songs that children are familiar with are easier to remember. Repetition of familiar melodies and lyrics aids memory retention, facilitating the learning process.

Cultural Connection

Understanding Context: Recognizable songs often have cultural significance. Learning these tunes can provide kids with a deeper understanding of the cultural context behind the music, fostering cultural awareness.

Expressive Outlet

Emotional Expression: Learning songs they recognize enables kids to express themselves emotionally through music. It provides a creative outlet for them to convey feelings and connect with the lyrics and melodies.

Developing Ear Training

Ear Recognition: Learning familiar songs helps children develop their ear for music. They become more attuned to recognizing pitches, rhythms, and musical patterns, which is beneficial for overall musical development.

Cognitive Development

Music Theory Understanding: Familiar songs can serve as practical examples for introducing music theory concepts. Children can learn about chords, scales, and rhythm within the context of songs they already know.

Social Connection

Collaboration Opportunities: Learning popular songs can facilitate collaborative learning experiences. Kids may want to play together, forming mini bands or ensembles, fostering social interaction and teamwork.

Life-long Love for Music

Positive Association: Associating music with enjoyment early on contributes to a life-long love for music. This positive association may inspire a continued interest in playing an instrument or engaging with music in various forms.

Parental Involvement

Shared Interests: Parents may be more involved and supportive when their children are learning songs they recognize. This shared interest can strengthen the parent-child bond and create positive family experiences.

2. Lexington Guitar Lessons Near Lexington, MA

Located in the St. John's Korean United Methodist Church, we are centrally located. Students have easy access to us from many towns! We serve Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Lincoln and parts of Waltham, Woburn, and Belmont. Our United Methodist Church location has plenty of parking, free wi-fi for parents, and a beautiful stage for our recitals with wonderful acoustics.

3. Learn Guitar With the Best Instructors in Town!

The guitar teachers at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington possess top degrees from major conservatories and university music programs around the world! They are also experienced performers and teachers. When you take Lexington Guitar Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy, you learn from the best. Don't settle for anything less!

4. The Maestro Musicians Academy gives its students opportunities to perform! 

Every fall and every spring, we host a recital for children to play in front of their families, friends, and loved ones. Our supportive and nurturing musical culture allows children to learn in a positive atmosphere all while maintaining high standards! Our afternoon or evening recitals give children the opportunity to be in the spotlight and be proud of their accomplishments. This is great for developing confidence in one's abilities and teaching how to communicate meaningfully.

5. Maestro Musicians Academy Lexington Guitar Lessons are hassle-free

The Maestro Musicians Academy operates on a month-to-month basis. We are committed to taking care of students who want to gain amazing skills from amazing teachers. Not sure if guitar lessons are right for you? Try us out for just a month. We are sure you'll want to continue! Our teachers will make sure to "hold your hand" to ensure that their lessons are tailored uniquely to you or your child. We work with parents and adult students who have varying goals and can accommodate all types of learners.

6. Parents LOVE our Lexington Guitar Lessons.

When choosing the Maestro Musicians brand, you are choosing a community of caring and committed instructors and staff that is deeply invested in the future success of every student who comes through our door.  See what parents have to say about our school by visiting our testimonials page!

Lexington Guitar Lessons

7. Learning Guitar Provides Enormous Cognitive Benefits

Cognitive Benefits:

Enhanced Brain Function: Learning to play the guitar engages both hemispheres of the brain, fostering improved cognitive function. It enhances memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

Coordination and Motor Skills: Playing the guitar requires intricate finger movements and hand-eye coordination, promoting the development of fine motor skills.

Emotional Outlet:

Stress Relief: Playing music provides a healthy outlet for stress. Strumming chords and expressing emotions through music can be a therapeutic experience, promoting mental well-being.

Boosted Confidence: As proficiency grows, so does self-confidence. Mastering new songs or techniques boosts self-esteem and encourages a positive mindset.

Expressive Artistry:

Creativity Unleashed: The guitar is a versatile instrument that allows for endless creativity. Learning to play enables individuals to express themselves through composing, improvising, or interpreting existing pieces in their unique style.

Personal Expression: Musicians often find the guitar to be an extension of their emotions. It becomes a means to convey feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a powerful and evocative manner.

Social Connection:

Community Engagement: Joining guitar lessons often involves interacting with fellow learners, creating a supportive community. Shared interests in music foster connections and friendships.

Performance Opportunities: Learning the guitar can lead to performance opportunities, whether in a small gathering or on a larger stage. Public performances provide a chance to showcase skills and connect with an audience.

Discipline and Patience:

Building Discipline: Consistent practice is key to mastering the guitar. The commitment required fosters discipline, a valuable skill applicable in various aspects of life.

Developing Patience: Learning a musical instrument takes time and effort. Patience is cultivated as one navigates the challenges and celebrates incremental progress.

Lifelong Learning:

Adaptability: The guitar is a versatile instrument with a vast repertoire of genres. Learning different styles and techniques keeps the learning process dynamic and engaging.

Continuous Improvement: Even seasoned players continue to learn and refine their skills. Guitar lessons provide a structured path for continuous improvement, making it a lifelong pursuit.

8. We Can Teach Ages 5 and Up!

Although we typically recommend that students start guitar lessons at age 8, did you know that younger students with an interest can get started as well? There are instruments that can be purchased for little fingers - Ukuleles and Loog Guitars. We recommend this Ukulele from Amazon and this Loog Guitar from, well, Loog! Both are perfect for little fingers and while the ukulele gives young children the acoustic experience, the Loog replicates the electric experience.

Guitar Lessons in Lexington

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