"We have been going to Maestro Musicians Academy since September and I have seen a great deal of progress in my daughter’s understanding of music. Under the guidance of her teacher, Richard, she is having fun and learning a great deal. I highly recommend Maestro Musicians Academy."
See this review on Facebook here!
- Robin Holt

"My oldest daughter has really enjoyed learning piano, and had been progressing beautifully. Her teacher, Haesook, is kind and patient, perfect for my beginner! The academy has been able to work around our crazy schedule, and is always willing to offer makeup classes if needed. Highly recommend!" See this review on Google here!
- Amanda Bundt

"Very organized and welcoming place. Great communication on school overall as well as student progress. My son has enjoyed learning piano with Nipun. He is a kind and encouraging teacher." See this review on Google here!
- Paivi Albaiti

"Julia is great piano teacher. She is very patient to my son and helped him with the details of the playing. My son is learning more complicated pieces and he still enjoys practice and learning." See this review on Google here!
- Wenlong Yang

"My daughter enjoys the violin lesson with Eric. She has made so much progress in the past few months under Eric instruction. Excellent school and highly recommended!" See this review on Google here!
- Jenny Xiao

"My daughter hated her school violin experience and was close to quitting. Now she LOVES reading and playing music and is teaching her younger brother (whether he likes it or not!). Daniel is fantastic with communication, making things easy for busy parents." See this review on Google here!
- Meredith Pace

"Eric is a great teacher, he is very nice to my little girl and marking individual lesson plan according to her skills." See this review on Google here!
- Christina Zhang

"My son's piano teacher is wonderful. She sets high expectations while being encouraging and warm. He is showing remarkable progress under her guidance. I look forward to when my younger daughter is old enough to start." See this review on Google here!
- Maria Miara

"We have absolutely loved the in-home singing lessons for our daughter with Jacqueline! She is incredibly patient, kind, a wonderful teacher, and an extraordinarily gifted singer. Our goal was to help nurture the love of music in our child, as well as to help her with her confidence. The impact has been noteworthy in a short time, and we could not be more delighted. Daniel and his organization are wonderful to work with- highly recommended! Thank you so much!!!"
- Delyn Long

"Our 6 year-old started trumpet lessons with Maestro about a month ago. Still not the most comfortable thing to listen to, BUT he's improving, that I can say. He's learning to read music, tapping out rhythms and most of all, he says he enjoys it. And is now starting to practice - even if for 3 minutes a day. Recommended. UPDATE. He sounds like he's playing the trumpet now. Can play 2 songs, and he's still enjoying it." See this review on Google here!
- Kensuke Arai

"I have had a great experience with Maestro Musicians Academy. I signed up for lessons mostly to prepare for graduate school auditions, and my teacher is supportive and focused on helping me reach those goals, while also giving me some "just for fun" repertoire to round out my experience. She challenges me and encourages me at the same time, and because of that my piano skills have really improved. Thank you Maestro Musicians Academy!"
See this review on Google here!
- Jennie Segal

"What a joy to finally get back to playing Piano. I had not touched a piano in over 30 years, little by little with the wonderful Haesook from Maestro musicians I am back to playing and enjoying piano again so much. I only wished I had reached out to this school sooner." See this review on Google here!
- Catherine Chaulet

"My 5th grade son has thoroughly enjoyed his bass guitar lessons through Maestro Musicians. His teacher, Francis, is such a knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and fun teacher. Francis has inspired my son to practice regularly, and my son is really confident and enjoying the progress he is making. It has also been a great pleasure to be in contact with Daniel, the owner of MM. Daniel is enthusiastic, professional, and makes everything very easy for us. We whole-heartedly recommend Maestro Musicians." See this review on Google here!
- Katherine Smith

Maestro Musicians are the Maestros!

"My son has been taking violin lessons with Maestro Musicians for 6-8 months. I find Daniel Broniatowski extremely cooperative and flexible and my son's teacher is superb. I highly recommend Maestro Musicians!"

- Peter H.

Exemplary musicianship!

"My daughter has been with Maestro Musicians for 5 years of steady progress. She's now in high school, reads music fluently, and plays both solo and in small ensembles. Her teacher has been consistently encouraging, patient, and very professional. I would recommend Maestro Musicians to anyone looking for music lessons for their kids." -- - Nathan R.

"My son has a great experience with Maestro Musician's piano teachers. He always loves going to lessons. The teachers are accomplished and incredibly supportive and he has made amazing progress." See this review on Lessons.com here!
-Lori Harrison-Kahan

"My daughter is a new violin student with Maestro Musicians. Not only is her teacher Rebecca a gifted performer herself and so extremely qualified but she’s also a great teacher - clear in her explanations, patient and very focused on key teaching points while making the lessons both enjoyable and interesting. My daughter has made amazing progress and I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone interested in learning music." See this review on Lessons.com here!
-Tomi Magome

My children ages 10 and 12 have been studying violin for 5 years prior to our move to Lexington in January 2015. We were fortunate to have found Maestro Musicians through our previous instructor in the Midwest. She researched the area and found our teacher, Oksana performing in a video that was linked to the academy. Our communication prior to our move via email and through phone calls was professional, courteous and stress free! We are thrilled that we were so lucky to find such a passionate music school to further our children's life long love for music. The children are treated with respect, they are challenged and they can hear the rewards of their practice sessions. We are excited to start another semester at their new location in Lexington this fall!" See this review on Google here!
- Amy Palu

"Four years ago we were looking for a violin teacher for our 5-year-old son. We were looking for one that is an excellent violin performer and has profound knowledge of music and music history, and most of all one can communicate all his knowledge with young kids and inspire kids on their interest of music. Luckily we found Daniel Broniatowski. When I heard his conversation with my son I know he is the one. He makes friends with young kids easily and naturally and teaching them music without even letting them realize they are learning. That's why my son still keeps playing violin, among many of his other activities like hockey, soccer, etc.See this review on Google here!
- Fujian and Yue

"Two of my children take guitar lessons with teachers from Maestro Musicians Academy, one for two years, one started this year. The teachers are professional and will work with your child to become a technically strong player in addition to fun pieces. This combination is not always easy to find; my older son had to re-learn some basic forms as his previous teachers were more sloppy players. They enjoy their teacher and like to play guitar!"
-Yael Aldrich

"Since Fall 2017, my 13 year old son has been taking trumpet lessons from Maestro Musicians. His teacher is patient, kind and very accommodating. He strikes a nice balance of being an amazing trumpeter and teacher, but also taking an interest in my son’s life outside of music and making an effort to connect on multiple levels. My son looks forward to the lesson every week (and it hasn’t been like that with other teachers). He's teaching him trumpet and they're having fun too. "
- Nicole Randall

"Eric is a great teacher, he is very nice to my little girl and marking individual lesson plan according to her skills." See this review on Google here!
- Christina Zhang

"My 6-year old son started his violin lesson with Eric for four month now. Eric is very professional and nice. He gave us detailed practice guidance after lesson every week which helps a lot. Most importantly, my son is looking forward to his lesson especially when he practiced following Eric's instructions."
See this review on Google here!
- Zhiru Li

"My 6-year old son has been learning violin from Daniel for about a year. Daniel is very talented and patient. Highly recommended!" See this review on Google here!
- Song Han

"My daughter has been learning flute for about 6 months and her teacher Carmen Marulanda is simply wonderful. Carmen not only has experience, deep passion for music, sense of humor, kindness, but also possesses excellent ability to build intimate relationship and motivation to learn which I believe matters very, very much as music can be difficult, boring and take many years to learn. My daughter’s flute skill has improved a lot and it is apparent from her flute sound. I am very satisfied." See this review on Facebook here!
- Jin Hee Lee

"Incredible teachers with great management. Maestro Musicians is very cognizant of what works best for you, be it your schedule or on how to improve. They're great for all ages, too, even adults! They go above and beyond to cater to families with events for younger students. It's easy to see their love for teaching music." See this review on Facebook here!
- Jason Oliva

"Our son is taking trumpet lessons here with Kevin Tracy, one of Maestro's teachers. He's 6, and he got to try various instruments at the Boston Symphony's family concert series pre-concert kids events. He seemed to like the trumpet, so we asked whether he'd like to take lessons. He wasn't overly enthusiastic, but we figured we'd try and see if it sticks. After the initial lessons, I wasn't expecting too much, but half a year later, he can read music, and tap out rhythms. Initially he had to blow hard to get any sound out of the trumpet, but now he can make sounds without running out of breath and without blasting and hurting my ears. His trumpet tone is... pleasant! Which I think is a huge accomplishment for a 6 year-old trumpet player. Thank you, Maestro!" See this review on Facebook here!
- Kensuke Arai

"Wonderful school with excellent teachers. They've been encouraging and supportive as well as understanding as required by budding musicians. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for top quality music instruction." See this review on Facebook here!
- Joseph Creary

"We love the MMA. Our son has been taking piano lessons for a little over a year and his love of music shows.He enjoys practicing and getting ready for recitals. It is especially cute when he hums his piano tunes while he is playing. Daniel is so thoughtful and goes the distance to make this a wonderful experience for the kids - and he is so attentive to the students' needs. We are extremely glad we enrolled him in MMA and would highly recommend the academy to anyone considering it."
- Ramani Varanasi

"Nipun has been great with my daughter! He is patient, kind, and understands she can be a perfectionist and a bit hard on herself. He pushes her appropriately and provides positive feedback to increase her confidence."
- Lindsay Colello

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