Minyung Suh

Cellist Minyung Suh, M.M.

Minyung Suh, M.M.


Born in South Korea, Cellist Minyung Suh started his journey in music at the age of nine. He graduated
from Boston University with his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Music in Performance, where he
studied with Michael Reynolds of the Muir String Quartet and Mihail Jojatu of the Boston
Symphony Orchestra.
An avid soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, he has performed in prestigious venues
across the United States, Europe, and South America. He has been principal cellist with the
Boston University’s Symphony Orchestra, assistant principal with the Boston Philharmonic
Youth Orchestra, and has played in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra as well.
Additional honors include performing in a select string quartet for the 2023 Beethoven
Symposium Seminar, presented by Jeremy Yudkin and Lewis Lockwood through the Center for
Beethoven Research, and the 2019 Casals Festival through the Celebrity Series of Boston. He
was also the winner of the Concerto Competition at Boston University.