Monica Lopez Garzon

Monica Lopez Garzon

Monica Lopez Garzon, B.M.

A multi-instrumental musician who loves to sing and play the violin and guitar. “I believe that one who does
not know how to serve does not know how, truly, to live.” Her passion is to get people closer to
art and to be a musical oasis in their desert.

Lexington Guitar Teacher Monica Lopez Garzon

She has performed as a singer and violinist with various orchestras in Colombia, China, Mexico,
and the United States. She has been a co-founder member of one chamber orchestra in
Colombia called Coram Deo Chamber Ensemble, Sintropía Jazz Quintet, the Colombian
Academy of the Music Orchestra, and Orchestra Sinfónica Contemporánea de Bogotá.
She has worked as a soprano in the Coro Filarmónico de Bogotá, of the Orquesta Filarmónica
de Bogotá, and has performed as a soloist with them.

She has sung the roles of The Plaintiff; from Trial by Jury, Pamina; from Die Zauberflöte, the
Woodpecker and Cricket, The Cunning Little Vixen, Second Lady and First Witch; from Dido
and Aeneas, and she has covered Belinda in the same opera. She premiered in La Vierge
Marie; from L’Enfance du Christ in Colombia.

She has performed as a soloist with numerous ensembles such as Orquesta Sinfónica
Contemporánea de Bogotá, Soul Intimo Orchestra Ensemble, Ensamble Oreste Sindici,
Ensamble Contemporáneo de México, Orquesta Internacional Policía de Los Colombianos,
Ensamble Schubert, Metropolitan Orchestra of Colombia, Orquesta de la Universidad de Los
Andes, Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil de Bogotá, Orchestra Flex, and Orquesta Filarmónica de

During her musical carreer, she has performed in masterclasses for violin and singing with
maestros Nigel North, Alejandro Escobar, Marisa Rocca, Juanita Lascarro, Alexis Cárdenas,
Marco Canepa, Egle Sidlauskaite, Linda Di Fiore, Manuel Druminski, Philippe Quint, and
Alexandra Dietrich.

According to Monica, 

“The guitar is one of the first and best musical approaches for children, as it is close to everyone, easy to carry, and has a tremendous amount of modern repertoire. Children will approach to classes not only from a technique-related focus, but also to find a way to express themselves from the music they like, also learning not only to play, but to be able to sing while they’re playing.”