Our top students have joined the ranks of the New England Conservatory Graduate School, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, New England Conservatory Preparatory String Orchestra, and the Waltham Philharmonic!  

The Young Maestros Program gives students the tools that they need to enter these prestigious ensembles, develop their own unique voice, and express themselves to their fullest potential. 

Lexington Piano Lessons

Here's What You Get in Our Young Maestros Program!


  • Two, 45 minute lessons per week
  • Personalized attention to give students the ability to enter a prestigious local ensemble
  • Get the skills for successful audition preparation
  • Prepare for local or regional competitions
  • Wide range of available days and times for busy families and kids
  • TWO lessons per week | 5% military discount

This program is for our most committed students/families and requires an audition

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