Olin Langlois

Lexington Voice, Piano, and Guitar Teacher Olin Langlois

                                           Olin Langlois, A.M.

Olin Langlois is a singer, songwriter and accomplished voice, piano,
guitar, and music teacher. In her formative years, she took violin lessons
while studying piano and guitar as secondary instruments. At the
Balakirev College of Nizhny Novgorod, Olin studied jazz voice and pedagogy,
while actively performing on various music projects and working as a vocal coach.
After graduating, Olin moved to Moscow to further study voice at
The Maimonides State Classic Academy for another 4 years.

For about the past 20 years, Olin has been a lead singer in music theater,
gospel choir and numerous music bands. She has also held residencies at
multiple venues and was a part of the annual singing of Handel’s “Messiah”.
Olin’s styles cover soul, blues, RnB, jazz, bossa nova, gospel and her original
music is a unique combination of these genres.

At the same time that her teaching style was developing, Olin continued to
work as a vocal coach. More and more she realized that singing is a
holistic process and it involves and effects both physical and metal
well being. During her singing and teaching career, Olin has
witnessed the positive therapeutic effects of music and vocal
breathing techniques on children and adults. She realized while it’s
important to work on music skills, it’s even more important to
receive joy, confidence, comfort and be able to express yourself
with your voice or musical instrument.

It is Olin’s strong belief that music is for everyone, whether you can
sing in tune or not. Just like we all have a heartbeat, we can all play
a beat. We only need to listen more carefully for it to sink in.