Olin Langlois

Lexington Voice, Piano, and Guitar Teacher Olin Langlois

Olin Langlois, A.M.

Olin Langlois, a versatile artist, is recognized as a singer, songwriter, and accomplished music educator proficient in voice, piano, and guitar. During her formative years, she delved into violin lessons alongside the study of piano and guitar. At the Balakirev College of Nizhny Novgorod, Olin focused on jazz voice and pedagogy, actively participating in various music projects and serving as a vocal coach.

Post-graduation, Olin relocated to Moscow, dedicating another four years to advancing her vocal expertise at The Maimonides State Classic Academy. Over the past two decades, she has showcased her talents as a lead singer in music theater, gospel choir, and numerous bands, while also securing residencies at various venues. Her repertoire includes soul, blues, RnB, jazz, bossa nova, gospel, and a distinctive fusion of these genres in her original compositions.

Olin then continued her role as a vocal coach. Recognizing the holistic nature of singing, she observed its impact on both physical and mental well-being. Through her extensive career, Olin witnessed the therapeutic influence of music and vocal breathing techniques on individuals of all ages. She emphasizes that while honing musical skills is crucial, deriving joy, confidence, comfort, and the ability to express oneself through voice or instrument holds even greater significance.

Olin ardently believes that music is inclusive, accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to sing in tune. Drawing a parallel with the universal heartbeat, she asserts that just as we all have a heartbeat, we all have the capacity to play a beat – it simply requires attentive listening for it to resonate within.