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Jennifer Greer

Jennifer Greer Singing Lessons

Jennifer Greer Dignazio taught piano lessons for 10 years, to students ranging from age 6-60. She taught at private schools, after-schools, independent music schools, and in her home. She loved teaching all kinds of styles from classical to jazz, and helping the student create his/her own personal relationship to the piano. She studied music pedagogy at the…

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Karishma Javier

Soprano Karishma Javier

Karishma Javier is a Lyric Coloratura Soprano with an extended vocal range who is a very versatile singer of music in 10 languages and 17 genres. Javier is passionate about all types of music with high energy and believes in the limitless possibilities of musical expression. Karishma Javier has training from the Conservatory Of Music of Puerto…

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