Yasaman Ghodsi

Lexington Piano Instructor Yasaman Ghodsi

Yasaman Ghodsi, M.A.

Yasaman Ghodsi is an Iranian composer, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and educator. She holds an MA in Music Composition from Tufts University (2022) and a BA in Painting from Alzahra University (2018). She has composed music for solo instruments, ensembles, and documentaries. She is currently working on releasing her first album: “Prelude for Home.”

Yasaman has been a musician for the past fifteen years and has been teaching piano since 2016. She teaches students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.  Depending on students’ interest, she includes composition, harmony, music theory, and music history in her lessons.

As a teacher, Yasaman nurtures not only the students’ technical skills, but also their creativity and musicality. She believes that encouraging students to explore their own musical ideas enhances their overall learning experience. She creates a non-judgmental learning environment so that they embrace their individual talents and goals.