Zachary Haskell

Lexington Guitar Teacher Zach Haskell

Zach Haskell, B.M.

Guitar Performer Zachary Haskell is a dynamic guitarist, composer, and devoted music educator, whose life revolves around the world of music.

During his time at Berklee College of Music, Zachary was awarded the prestigious John LaPorta scholarship and successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree in guitar performance. Influenced by the vibrant sounds of BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughn, he developed a deep passion for the guitar at an early age. This love for blues music eventually led him to explore the enchanting realm of jazz, where he discovered the captivating works of Stan Getz, Miles Davis, and John Scofield. Embracing the guidance of renowned musicians such as David Tronzo, Freddie Bryant, and Julien Kasper, Zachary honed his skills and developed a distinctive musical voice.

Throughout his career, Zachary has had the privilege of performing alongside a diverse range of musical groups. From directing a Brazilian jazz ensemble under the guidance of Fernando Brandao to collaborating with Berklee’s Cuban Traditional and Folkloric ensemble, as well as various RnB bands, he has experienced a rich tapestry of musical styles and genres.

As an educator, Zachary is committed to building a strong musical foundation for his students. He encourages them to explore and pursue the music that deeply resonates with them, while also nurturing their ability to read traditional sheet music. By striking a harmonious balance between critical listening, ear training, and sight reading, Zachary unveils the underlying music theory behind his students’ favorite songs, establishing a solid framework for their musical growth.

Join Zachary Haskell on a transformative musical journey, where passion, expertise, and a love for teaching converge to create a remarkable learning experience for aspiring musicians.