Lexington Singing Lessons Near You

Lexington Singing Lessons

Express Yourself and Let Your Voice Ring Free!

Whether your child is 7 or 17, we can teach the skills necessary to develop better self-expression, breath control, and how to sing in tune! Kids in our school learn the fundamentals of vocal technique so that they can sing anything ranging from Disney and pop, to formal classical and opera. Our Lexington Singing Teachers  make lessons fun, welcoming, and motivating.

Students can learn these skills in their first year:

- Awareness of how to sing in different vocal ranges
- How to control their breath
- Good diction
- How to read music

Here are Some Benefits to Taking Our Lexington Singing Lessons!

Lexington Singing Lessons

1. Focus on Your Unique Needs

Whether it's Taylor Swift, musical theater, opera, or Disney, our instructors can help your child accomplish his or her goals. We believe that every child is unique and our goal is to help that individuality come through! Maestro Musicians Lexington Voice Teachers develop a unique rapport with our students and guide them at their own pace.

2. Lexington Voice Lessons Near You

Our Lexington Music School is located at the St. John's Korean United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue. We are easy to reach from Lexington town center, the I-95/128 corridor, and Route 2. In addition, there are plenty of comfortable places for parents to wait during the lesson and we have access to a beautiful sanctuary for our recitals!

3. Our Lexington Singing Lessons are Fun!

In searching for a singing teacher, parents and kids (especially pre-teens and teens) are often concerned with finding an instructor who is the "right fit". We know that in the eyes of a teen ore pre-teen, the "right fit" doesn't always mean the same thing to a parent.

In addition to the fact that our Lexington Singing Teachers are experts in their respective fields, they are also wonderful with kids ages 6+. They are patient, highly motivating, encouraging, and fun to work with.

4. Twice-Yearly Concerts (Minimum!)

Twice per year, at the Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington Music School, approximately 50% of our entire student body performs for audiences of supportive parents, friends, and instructors. In addition to the winter and spring concerts we offer, we also frequently team up with assisted living facilities and non-profit organizations to offer further enhanced performance opportunities!

5. Excellence in Musical Education Since 2013.

We believe that what makes our school so special is the relationships that we have cultivated with families and the community. We have served greater Boston since 2013.  See what parents and students have to say here!

Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! The first month is a trial period so you have very little to lose. 

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