Private Music Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington, MA

Every lesson is a new adventure for our students. In their musical journey, students develop a trusting relationship with our instructors who take an active and caring role in every child's unique development down the path of self-expression.

Our Lexington Music Lessons are fun - not the "crack the whip" type. Students learn in a positive, can-do environment from patient instructors, while developing a positive sense of self through disciplined work. The inspiring personalities of our teachers trickle down to the students, who feel supported and nurtured in their musical journeys. 


Lexington Private Music Lessons
Benefits of Taking Our Lexington Music Lessons:

1. Easy to reach Lexington location near you or online!

2. Lexington Music Lessons taught by top professional instructors who are experienced mentors in the arts of performance, technique, music appreciation, and music theory.

3. Children build confidence in their abilities, learning that they can do anything they put their minds to.

4. Kids learn and perform many songs/pieces at their own pace.

5. Students get to perform in multiple recitals and see the results of their accomplishments.

6. Students learn the skills needed to play in school/community orchestras, musicals, and choirs.

7. Children learn technical fundamentals so they can express themselves beautifully!

8. Choose from three monthly payment options - $192/30 minutes, $288/45 minutes, or $384/60 minutes.

9. 5% military discount.

10. We offer a trial period!

Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! We offer a trial period so you have very little to lose. 

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