Lexington Violin Lessons

The Maestro Musicians Academy is proud to offer Lexington violin lessons. Violin is one of the most popular  instruments requested and our experienced and highly qualified Lexington violin teachers are specifically chosen for their wonderful rapport with our students and their engaging personalities. 

Maestro Musicians Academy's Lexington violin lessons are offered on a wide range of days and times, giving you, the parent or student, flexibility to fit the lessons in to your busy schedule.

The violin is the ultimate mind-body instrument and our expert violin teachers make it their priority to set our students up with good posture and strong fundamentals from the very first lesson.

Whether you are a complete beginner, community/school orchestral player, or aspiring professional, we can help!

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Lexington violin lessons

Here are Ten Benefits to Signing up for our Lexington Violin Lessons!

Girl Playing Violin

1. Our Lexington Violin Lessons are the Ultimate Tool to Teach Children and Adults About Beauty

When played with grace and skill, the violin's tone is inherently beautiful. Enabling children to strive for a pure and meaningful sound teaches them about aspiring to reach the ideals of true beauty and depth of purpose. The violin is designed to mimic the human voice and is well suited to communicating music from the soul.

2. Our Lexington Violin Lessons Engage the Mind and Body

Playing the violin is not just about moving your arms and fingers. In order to play a piece well, one must synchronize hundreds or even thousands of small movements with the intentions of our "inner-ear" and brain. As a result, violin lessons develop and maintain fine-motor skills, executive functioning of the brain, and the ability to get in touch with one's inner-self.

3. The Violin is Versatile

In addition to being an instrument that lends itself to virtuosic classical music, the violin also allows students to communicate profound and important thoughts, feelings, and ideas through melodies that can make you cry or feel elated. The violin lends itself to a diverse emotional pallet and as a result, allows one to play Classical, Celtic, Jazz, Folk, and many other genres.

4. Our Lexington Violin Lessons are Near You

Located at the United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue, the Maestro Musicians Academy is centrally located and serves Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington,Woburn, and surrounding communities.

5. Incorporation of Wi-Fi in Lessons

Unlike many other local Lexington Music Schools, we are 21st-Century compliant! Because the United Methodist Church has a guest wi-fi network, we can use teaching tools from the web that supplement lessons, such as Youtube videos of great performances. We also can share videos from the lesson that can be reviewed at home by parents or students.

6. The Violin is an Portable Instrument

Unlike the piano or double bass, the violin is portable and can be taken anywhere. This is a huge advantage because violinists become attached to their own unique instrument. One would even say that the instrument becomes a part of them over a period of time! A relationship is established with the instrument and both the performer and the violin grow with each other over time.

7. Violins Are Easy to Rent in Boston And Are Affordable

Although there are a lot of not-so-good instruments out there, Boston is blessed to be the home of a number of great outfitters of violins. Should you need some advice as to where to rent a violin for the first time, feel free to ask us and we'll be happy to advise.

8. The Violin is Timeless

Students who take violin lessons enter a tradition that is hundreds of years old. The first known violin-type instruments were made in the 16th Century. Since then, the instrument and music written for it have gone through and continue to go through amazing developments that allow performers and audiences to share in the experience of music making that tells us about the history of culture and civilization through sound.

9. The Violin is a Social Instrument

The violin plays a prominent part of orchestras, chamber ensembles, and even many pop bands! Because the violin is primarily a "melody instrument", most pieces written for it require accompaniment or collaboration on an equal footing. As a result, the violin is the perfect instrument for other musical kids and adults to come together and make beautiful music with.

10. The Violin Allows Students to Learn About Seeing a Project From Start to Finish

Learning the violin, like all instruments, is a life-long journey. When a student prepares for a concert or learns a piece for his or her own enjoyment, the pupil is learning how to set realistic and attainable goals and then work toward them. This is a skill that transcends the music room and is so necessary in today's world across all disciplines.


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