Lexington Voice Lessons

Do you love to sing in the shower? Is your child always singing around the house? There is a voice inside just waiting to be free!

The Maestro Musicians Academy is thrilled to offer Lexington voice lessons to all ages and stages. Whether you are a teenager who is obsessed with Glee, an aspiring opera singer, or an adult who is looking to sing some oldies, we can help you attain your musical goals!

Our Lexington voice teachers are top professionals with years of performance experience and teaching experience in their respective fields.

Voice lessons are a great instrument for beginning musicians because your instrument is right inside of you! Furthermore, you don't need to worry about learning a special technique to make a pure sound. All the tools necessary to do so are just waiting to be unleashed!

Our Lexington voice lessons take students of all ages through a musical journey that is carefully planned by our patient, caring, and nurturing teachers. Come sing with us after a long day of work or give your child or grandchild the gift of self-expression through music. It is an inherent gift that deserves to be developed from within and will last a lifetime.


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Lexington voice lessons

Here are Ten Benefits to Taking Our Lexington Voice Lessons!

Opera Singer

1. Our Lexington Voice Lessons Develop and Nourish Your Inner Voice

Voice lessons are not just about the sounds you make on the outside. They are also about the sounds you hear on the inside! How so? In order to create the most pure, beautiful sounds, you must have an internal drive and an internal love of beautiful sounds. This comes from purity of intention and an ability to lesson closely and carefully to yourself and others. Helped by the mind-body connection that we are all blessed with, our vocal coaches calibrate that inner voice by providing techniques of their own that you can emulate and work on. While the goal is not to sound like the teacher, a good mentor will help you to liberate your own voice. Our Lexington Voice Lessons will help you to get in touch with the AUTHENTIC YOU that is just waiting to emerge!

2. Our Lexington Voice Teachers are Centrally Located!

Maestro Musicians Academy offers singing lessons near you! You can find us at the United Methodist Church at 2600 Massachusetts Avenue, conveniently located near Rtes. 128 and 2! Our facility has a dedicated waiting area for parents, plenty of parking, nice pianos, and a beautiful stage with great acoustics! 

3. Our Lexington Voice Lessons Benefit Both Adults and Children!

Maestro Musicians Academy voice teachers are comfortable teaching ages 4-104. Young children benefit from a curriculum that involves singing, a broad exposure to different musical genres, rhythm games, and learning how to read music. Later, when child's voice develops in his or her tweens and teens, the vocal range starts to increase and that's when the real technical work begins!

Children also benefit tremendously from our Lexington Voice Lessons. How so? Academically speaking, the discipline of singing lessons allows children to learn how to focus in the now. Why is this important? Children today are constantly distracted - not just by technology and devices, but also by the fact that they have many activities competing for their attention in a fast-paced world.

Our Lexington Voice Lessons teach children how to slow down, focus on the now, and be in the moment. Voice Lessons give children the amazing ability to learn how to be both process oriented and goal oriented at the same time. A child who is preparing for a recital can learn how to organize him or herself to achieve a desired result while at the same time learning to take delight in creating just the right sounds to make beautiful music.

Is your child interested in musical theater? Does he or she need help playing the lead role? Whether it's musical theater, pop, classical, opera, or rock, we have a teacher for you!

4. Our Lexington Voice Lessons are Fun!

Our Lexington voice teachers are carefully selected. In addition to possessing top professional qualifications, our teachers have warm and engaging personalities with abilities to relate to all students. We believe in a nourishing approach to music - not an old-fashioned, forced one. Our students look forward to coming to voice lessons every week!

Our Lexington Voice Lessons take place once per week. Young children typically come in for 30 minutes and teens and adults come in for 60 minutes at a time. During our lessons, our teachers go through warm-ups, vocal techniques to grow your range, introduction to different songs, and exercises in diction. Imagine what it would feel like to stand on the big stage and perform for 100 people! If you got butterflies reading that, it's ok! Our teachers will "hold your hand" to make sure that you come out of our program more confident and assertive.

5. Our Lexington Voice Lessons Will Change Your Life for the Better!

Voice lessons result in a more confident and assertive YOU. Just think about the projection, diction, and confidence that you will have after just a few months of training! Our lessons help develop self-esteem, focus, and the ability to see a project from start to finish.

6. You Get to Take Lessons With the Best Vocal Instructors in Town!

Maestro Musicians Academy's vocal instructors are top experts with qualifications from the finest conservatories and universities in the world. They have years of teaching and performing experience and are great with students of all ages!

7.  Technologically Advanced Lessons

Our Lexington Voice Lessons are not your grandfather's singing lessons! The United Methodist Church has graciously allowed us to use their guest wi-fi network. This allows our voice teachers to incorporate so much more into their lessons! Vocal coaches now have access to famous historical performances and musical references at their fingertips. 

8. Twice-Yearly Recitals For Children

Every winter and every spring, our students get to show off their talent in our showcase recitals. We believe in a supportive and inspiring approach and children love to participate!

9. A Proven Track Record of Excellence in Music Education Since 2013.

Parents love our music lessons. See what parents and students have to say here!

10. Friendly Office Staff to Serve YOU

We make sure that you are completely satisfied with our lessons. Throughout the year, we are regularly in touch with parents and adult students to chat about goals, experiences with Maestro Musicians, and scheduling.

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